Introducing HCL IntelliOps Event Management - Transform ITOps with AI-powered real-time event intelligence


July 01, 2024

We are elated to announce our latest innovation HCL IntelliOps Event Management (HCL IEM), which is a cutting edge, AI-powered, IT event management product empowering organizations with industry leading capabilities such as real-time topology-based alert correlation, ML-based alert correlation and efficient noise reduction. The product offers seamless integration with an organization's existing element monitoring and ITSM Tools providing seamless integration with GenAI-powered AEX to foster efficient and quick resolution to streamline their IT-operations and minimize downtimes.

Modern IT environments create challenges for IT operations

As businesses are embarking on their journey towards an Autonomous Enterprise, IT operations become critical in ensuring continuous service availability and assured customer experience. Any business outage due to issues in the underlying IT landscape impacts the revenue and brand reputation. To ensure availability, enterprises rely on numerous tools to monitor different technology layers. However, these siloed tools create new problems: They generate a flood of alerts, many of them duplicates or irrelevant, with no unified view of the overall alert landscape which is creating heaps of non-actionable tickets. This noise not only translates to a hefty annual cost to the organization but also breeds Alert Fatigue.

Alert fatigue, caused by excessive alerts, creates a critical blind spot for IT teams. They struggle to prioritize and respond to truly critical issues, leading to delayed diagnoses and potential outages. This domino effect ultimately results in missed SLAs and frustrated customers.

An AI-driven Event Management, Correlation and Automation is required to help operations teams support their digitally transforming businesses and their modern IT environments resulting in reduced operating costs, improved performance and availability and increased business agility.

HCL IEM is a multi-tenant, SaaS-based AI-powered IT event management that helps enterprises prevent, detect and resolve unplanned IT issues with robust ability to ingest massive volume of events, metric and configuration data.

Barrage of IT noise and false positives. Overwhelm IT operations teams
Siloed monitoring tools. Prevent end-to-end, cross-stack visibility
Inability to easily analyze or report on historical data across silos. Causes recurring incidents

It comes with host of unique features:

  • Topology Based Alert Correlation: HCL IEM provides you with manual, condition-based correlation capabilities, grouping alerts based on Topology Data. Conditions may also be defined based on correlation rules, through which alerts can be grouped together. Topology based correlation allows the grouping of alerts based on the relationship between the entities fed in the system. OOB correlation rules are available for Correlation of alerts based on relationships defined between entities in the system.
  • ML-Based Alert Correlation: HCL IEM gives you the option to work without topology data as well and get onboarded for alert correlation quickly with its feature of Dynamic Correlation. It leverages a robust AI correlation engine for automatic grouping and mapping alerts based on historical data and efficient Feedback System to avoid irrelevant alerts to actionable grouping.
  • Integration Management and Ops Continuity: HCL IEM offers an in-house IMM (Integration Management Module) portal for managing NiFi connectors for IEM involves creating a user interface that allows you to configure, monitor, and manage NiFi connectors. The portal can streamline the process of setting up and managing data collection components by managing all integrations between the customer’s third-party tools and IEM SaaS Platform. The dedicated Event Room at IMM ensures continuous access to critical alerts for Ops teams, even if a service discontinuity occurs between the HCL IEM SaaS platform and a customer. This minimizes disruption and expedites resolution, maintaining service continuity.
  • Impact analysis: HCL IEM provides cross-stack views that filter events, alerts and actionable by severity and displays business context such as affected services etc. A timeline view is a powerful visualization in HCL IEM that provides a chronological representation of events, alerts, and actionable. It offers a clear, time-ordered perspective on how events unfold, making it easier to understand relationships, dependencies, and potential causes.
  • Maintenance Window Support: HCL IEM filters out irrelevant data to reduce noise and focuses on meaningful events offering Noise Rule Configuration with maintenance windows support which reduces IT noise by more than 90%. This makes it possible to detect evolving incidents as they happen before they escalate.
  • Quick User’s Collaboration: HCL IEM enables quick chat and collaboration with the team for efficient communication with GenAI- powered AEX facilitating collaboration for issue diagnosis and resolution with the access to Knowledge articles and thereby reducing MTTR along with automated notifications to operators for assigned Actionable.
  • Cost Saving Visibility: HCL IEM shows approximate cost savings with an integrated dashboard providing real-time insights translating it into dollar values. The system filters out irrelevant alerts, freeing your team from information overload and allowing them to focus on what truly matters and maximizing Operational Efficiency.

Discover realm of opportunities with HCL IEM

Within the landscape of enterprise endeavors, it functions as a catalyst for transformative change to helps businesses prevent and resolve IT outages with its AIOps Event Management platform to avoid the struggle with manual and reactive incident response capabilities that are badly suited for the scale, complexity, and velocity of modern IT environments. This results in painful outages, unhappy customers, growing IT headcount and the inability to focus on innovation. HCL IntelliOps Event Management boosts the ability to ingest massive volumes of data and instigates a proactive methodology for effective issue resolution empowering CIOs to identify and tackle potential challenges before escalation.

Stay tuned for announcements, demos, and insights showcasing how HCL IEM can take your business to new heights. The potential of AI-driven event management is now at your fingertips, and we're here to support you through every step of the journey.

Cut Through the Noise, Focus on What Matters: AI-powered event management for intelligent operations.

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Divyanshi Chaudhary

Divyanshi Chaudhary, Product Manager, HCL IEM

Divyanshi Chaudhary is the Product Manager for HCL IEM. She has worked extensively throughout the launching and managing of Intelligent Event Management product in AI-Driven IT Operations. She holds a bachelor's degree in the Computer Sciences and brings to the table her expertise in AI/ML and Agile product management with data- driven decision making. Her core strengths include the ability to quickly understand business processes & products, align them with the market requirement and ensure product development is concurrent with business objectives.