DRYiCE iControl

Business Flow Observability product

It’s the Digital age and most enterprises now rely on technology and automation to drive their business operations. These operations can be complex. Often it is hard to know when, where, and why they go wrong. To be effective you need to have a holistic view of your operations in real-time.

DRYiCE iControl gives you an end-to-end view of your business process so you know when things are going wrong and what comes next in the flow. Business Process Observability powered by iControl helps you to respond quickly and effectively by creating meaningful views for both business and IT operations, and reduces the time taken to identify the root cause of problems, hence improving the end-user satisfaction considerably.

iControl offers next-gen business process observability capabilities for both your business and IT operations, offering critical insights when they fail. It enables Investigation of problems that cannot be tracked by traditional monitoring, leveraging observability. Knowing when and why your processes fail means you can fix problems quickly, saving your business’ time, money, and reputation.

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