DRYiCE Connect

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Multi-supplier ecosystem leading to multiplicity of problems?

When an enterprise has to deal with several suppliers, each with its own Service Management processes and platforms, its day-to-day operations, decision making, contract and service management, and customer satisfaction can take a bit hit.

Most common challenges that arise from a multi-sourcing delivery model are:

  • Long, cumbersome, and costly supplier system integrations
  • Lack of a single pane of glass across multiple suppliers
  • Lack of prescriptive guidelines for process orchestration
  • Conflicting SLAs and lack of standardization
  • Supplier relationship management is based on human bias
  • Lack of collaboration and communication between customer and suppliers even when working remotely

DRYiCE Connect is a new-age SIAM application that offers complete SIAM control and governance. It provides a digital platform of engagement that seamlessly connects customers and suppliers through plug-and-play while automating end-to-end process orchestration, definitive SLA computation, and providing a single pane of glass for complete visibility across suppliers.

The Connect Advantage | A single source of truth that unlocks a wide range of benefits


Achieve accelerated onboarding of suppliers with plug and play connectors

DRYiCE Connect integration hub comes with prebuilt connectors for industry standard tools, thereby reducing deployment time by 70%.


Bring in complete transparency and traceability in service management

The SIAM Control Framework of DRYiCE Connect provides normalized and unified system of record that provides real time status update across multiple supplier systems in IT supply chain.


Effectively manage suppliers with reduced management cost

DRYiCE Connect provides digital SIAM governance that enables analysis, review and reporting of supplier performance with real time reports against the service levels and operational levels.


Improve productivity of organization

Automated process orchestration driven collaboration between the customer and suppliers’ systems enhances operational productivity up to 50%


Enable data-driven decision making

DRYiCE Connect SIAM engagement portal coupled with inbuilt analytical system and customizable dashboards and smart widgets provides single pane of glass for effective decision making.

The Connect Impact

50 % Lesser

Operational Cost

15 % Higher

Customer Satisfaction

70 % Faster

Supplier Integration

27 % Faster

Mean Time to Resolve

The Connect Innovation | Transforming the ecosystem with seamless integration



SIAM best practices

Experience from a large number of SIAM implementations and best practices matured over the years built into DRYiCE Connect



Process orchestration

Reference process model that orchestrates ITSM processes across customer and suppliers



Time to value

Accelerated supplier on/off boarding, quick implementation and bots-driven process orchestration leading to faster value realization



End-to-end visibility

Real time updates of service management records from customer and supplier ITSM systems leading intuitive reports and dashboards




Prebuilt adapters for industry standard ITSM systems, SLA/OLA framework and prebuilt library of performance reports and dashboards




Provides a single interface ensuring collaboration and visibility by tracking cross-supplier governance meetings efficacy, decisions, and action items.



DRYiCE Connect