Assuring true Digital Transformation with the power of AI


April 24, 2019

By 2020, a staggering 20+ billion connected devices will be in place, more than 90% of enterprises will be moving to a hybrid cloud model, and cloud model and AI adoption will grow to 55% by 2022. In a bid to stay relevant and compete against the digital natives, technology transformation has surely been a top initiative at every enterprise. With this, there is an increasing pressure on enterprise IT, as these organizations are required to absorb, implement, integrate, and manage these technologies and connect them with business priorities to improve service quality. But mere technology adoption is never true transformation and organizations are still finding it difficult to effectively manage operations, improve predictability, visibility, and control. They are unable to enjoy the benefits of the digital transformation initiatives. A recent study revealed that more than 70% of digital transformation programs are expected to fail.

The reason? Many organizations, often with primitive IT systems, processes, and high dependency on humans, are often pushed into ‘point’ digital transformation programs to stay relevant. To deliver enterprise-wide digital transformation, organizations are required to infuse intelligence into the scale and breadth of their environment and integrate ‘point’ digital technologies to drive business success.

How DRYiCE, a division of HCL Technologies can solve this problem for enterprises?

We have a dedicated business unit that drives practical implementation of AI technology for enterprises – called DRYiCE. It is focused on building AI-powered products & platforms for the digital world, with the vision of transforming & simplifying enterprise IT, Business & Digital operations. Our inclusive products and platforms leverage the world’s best AI technology, IT automation, and robotic process automation (RPA), enabling enterprises to operate leaner, faster, and in a cost-efficient manner, while ensuring superior business outcomes. It will be the AI foundation for digital-age enterprises. Our vision focuses on AI technology-led service assurance, enabling a service-oriented enterprise, and driving enterprise-wide digital agility. To deal with the never-ending digital complexities of enterprises in this digital world, an AI-led enterprise service assurance platform is the need of organizations today.

Introducing iAssure – the world’s first and only integrated AI-led service assurance platform, with the vision of simplifying & transforming enterprise IT operations. The enterprise service assurance platform delivers predictability, visibility, control, and effectiveness for enterprise IT in the digital era through a proven, integrated, and modular architecture defined by five unique and intelligent layers – iSense, iPrevent, iOrchestrate, iVisualize, and iEngage.

iSense layer takes care of intelligent and real-time monitoring of enterprise systems, applications, infrastructure, network, security and enables event correlation, so it can act on the information to resolve issues.

iPrevent utilizes machine learning, AI-led automation to predict the problems and threats that could disrupt IT Operations & Systems and takes proactive actions to prevent them.

iOrchestrate ensures modernized service consumption through end-to-end automation & orchestration. It also enables launching of new services that can be consumed by enterprise users.

iVisualize provides AI-powered analytics and powerful insights by ingesting varied data formats and presenting on a real-time unified dashboard.

iEngage leverages cognitive techniques to provide superior user experience using NLP-powered virtual assistants and smart collaboration.

Our cutting-edge platform was developed leveraging 20+ years of complex global operations management experience across 500 customers and is supported by an extensive partner ecosystem and centers of excellence across the globe.

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Amit Gupta

Amit Gupta, EVP & Global Head, DRYiCE

Amit Gupta is the Executive Vice President and Global Head of DRYiCE Software - A business unit of HCL Technologies focused on building AI-led Products and Platforms. A firm believer in building strong organizations that outlast leaders, he leads a global team that is responsible for driving growth for this division.

Amit has held several leadership roles since joining HCL America in 1998. Prior to this, he led the Hi-Tech and Manufacturing Industry vertical from January 2016 - March 2018. He also established and led Travel, Transportation & Logistics Vertical from 2009 - 2016. Under his Leadership, the TTL vertical grew at a 41% CAGR becoming one of the fastest growth verticals for HCL.

Amit is a frequent speaker and invited panelist on several global industry forums.