How DRYiCE Software’s AI and Automation products create unprecedented opportunities for Value-Added Resellers


January 19, 2021

A recent study has projected that the global market value for Cognitive Virtual Assistants (CVAs) will be in excess of $17 billion in 2020. Another study has shown that the automation market is expected to be worth $3 billion by 2021. This rapid growth in the adoption of CVAs and AI-based automation creates an unprecedented opportunity for value-added resellers (VARs). In respect to automation, a recent Gartner study has shown that over 50% of clients have an automation strategy in place, which is supported by ongoing investment, while an additional 42% plan to start investing in this area soon. The evolving markets of these emergent technologies are fueling strong demand for software platforms and a wide range of services to support them. 

While most enterprises see great value in these technologies, not all of them are on the same level of digital maturity. It is, therefore, crucial to ascertain the appropriate AI and automation strategies for the organization. Some of the key considerations are operational process maturity, data optimization, and the level of system integration. This makes technology specialists particularly critical to enterprise aspirations of deploying CVAs and automation as they identify business cases, understand enterprise needs, and customize solutions that are most suitable for the enterprise.

It has been noted that CVA and automation initiatives undertaken in house often lead to prolonged time-to-value as well as higher implementation costs. In contrast, technology specialists come with a clear idea of what has to be done and how to do it. Proper implementation of CVAs and automation is paramount to scaling it on a timely basis. Technology specialists will ensure that the right development approach and operating principles are utilized to make the benefits of CVAs and automation available to all. Their principles focus on creating solutions that allow the migration to the new AI-based technology at a pace that the client is most comfortable with.

Impact on Value Added Resellers

As operations shift to digital solutions, businesses are utilizing an expanding array of software platforms to operate the enterprise. This diverse environment needs to transform into a seamless infrastructure that businesses can rely on. VARs, who can provide value to companies by implementing the integration and communication across the diverse software stack, will be increasingly sought after.

VARs have traditionally established direct relationships with customers who could not find that one-on-one experience with a vendor. The brisk movement of organizations toward SaaS has expanded and revolutionized the VAR industry. Rather than explaining various points to customers technologically, the changed role of the VAR is now of explaining the long-term benefits and objective fulfillment of the organization by using the new solutions. CVAs and AI-based automation offer a quick ROI and provide the resellers the opportunity to deliver increased value to their clients. To optimize this opportunity, VARs need to rethink the value they can offer customers. 

By focusing on the emerging opportunities afforded by CVAs and AI-based automation, resellers can tap into a new growth opportunity. In addition, VARs will thrive on customers continuing to depend on their support for business growth. CVAs and AI-based automation significantly improve business operations as a whole, as the client moves forward with digital transformation. If VARs can place themselves in a position to help businesses through this technology shift, it will open up opportunities for long-term growth. 

Why the DRYiCE Software is the Best Option for Resellers

To capitalize on this opportunity, VARs must align with ISVs that are:

  • “Partner first” in their go-to-market approach
  • Recognized leaders and innovators in AI and automation
  • Capable of pooling financial resources for sustained product investment and industry leadership

DRYiCE Software, a division of HCL Technologies, offers a robust line of products and platforms catering to AIOps, Service Orchestration, and Business Process Flow Monitoring. The DRYiCE Software adopts a “partner-first” approach, which opens fresh avenues of revenue growth. Our unique products provide compelling ROI and address key pain points that clients face in their AI- and automation-driven digital transformation journey. Our comprehensive partner program is designed to help our Channel Partners and VARs at every step of the partnership journey.

Our Portfolio and Partner Strategy

The implementation of AI and automation at scale is only possible when the capabilities of the DRYiCE Software and its reseller partners are synergized. Given the formidable challenges for every stakeholder in the new normal, it is important to leverage our collective expertise and ensure that the cutting-edge products developed by the DRYiCE Software are successfully sold and distributed by our partners.

Partners also come with unique market perspectives that help develop products that the market needs. They are a vital resource for end-users to ensure that customers are able to deploy AI and automation at their own pace. The DRYiCE Software’s extensive record of accomplishment of successful deployment and holistic partner strategy allows close collaboration with a select group of highly specialized partners, thereby ensuring the highest quality of implementation.

Here is a look at the complete portfolio of the DRYiCE Software:

Our CVA and AI-based Automation Products

DRYiCE Software has invested heavily in innovation around intelligent automation and Cognitive Virtual Assistants. Our solutions suite includes Lucy, which is an AI-enabled, CVA. Lucy can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of communication channels including voice and chat. The key aspect of Lucy is its learning capabilities through conversations and its ability to discern user intent. Lucy leverages NLP and ML and engages with users much like humans do, making the communication faster, seamless, and error-free.

DRYiCE Software also offers iAutomate, which is an intelligent runbook automation product. iAutomate offers greater collaboration by leveraging AI, ML &NLP. It comes pre-integrated with -industry-leading orchestration engines. iAutomate is a critical tool for end-to-end remediation of incidents and automation of tasks. By intelligently analyzing, configuring, and customizing data from ITSM platforms, iAutomate identifies automation candidates and expedites ticket closure. iAutomate helps human agents resolve user issues while also learning from their actions to take over entirely when required.

Key Differentiators

The DRYiCE Software solutions suite is a thoroughly thought-out product and platform bouquet that has much to offer to future-facing enterprises. Our offerings are unique and offer a clear advantage to our partners and clients. Mentioned below are some of the key facets of our products and platforms that set us apart from the competition.

Also, worth noting are the following salient achievements that provide further credence to the DRYiCE Software’s vision and offerings:

  • More than 100 satisfied customers spread across North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Over eight years of experience in AI-led research and development
  • A 400+ strong team of AI and automation experts
  • Research and development in the world’s leading innovation labs, including MIT and the Stanford University
  • More than 25 recognitions by leading analyst firms in the last two years


Over the last few years, our efforts and product outcomes have been recognized and appreciated by analysts and clients alike. Among the recognitions receive are awarded by the Open Group and AIconics, and analyst recognition from IDC, Forrester, Gartner, and the Everest Group, we have also received several patents in this area. The details are provided below:

In Conclusion

With the new normal, businesses are rethinking their approach to operations and customer engagement. A focus on CVA-led and AI-led automation is critical for success in this paradigm. Our products are unique offerings aimed at providing a real advantage to clients. They are based on our vast experience, leading-edge design, and are proven by numerous client outcomes around the world. They include a wide range of pre-packaged integrations and tooling to allow them to be rapidly deployed in the customer environment. We have comprehensive training and support for our partners and are committed to your success. Contact us to learn more about our full range of products and platforms.

George Commons

George Commons, Global Head of Channels and Alliances, DRYiCE Software

George Commons is the AVP of Global Channels and Alliances for DRYiCE. His responsibilities include leadership of our partnerships with value-added resellers, managed service providers, OEMs, and strategic alliances. He has over 20 years of experience as a channel leader in the software industry. Throughout his career, he has been recognized for leadership in channel growth and innovation in business partner programs.