DRYiCE iAutomate

AI-powered intelligent run-book automation product

DRYiCE iAutomate enables intelligent run-book automation through extensive use of proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms and knowledge analysis in tandem with an Orchestration engine. It enables robust end-to-end incident remediation and task automation in complex IT infrastructure landscape leveraging 1500+ shared runbooks and five AI sub modules. It is a constantly learning product reading through different variables available in the ITSM system and updating itself of solving a particular incident.

Some of the key features of iAutomate are:

  • Recommend the best fit run book

  • Provides real time update on the workflows

  • Self-heals using experience based learning

  • NLP based assisted service

  • Auto pick & execute workflows

  • Enables collaboration

  • Identify and creates missing workflows

  • Brings in standardization and reusability


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